107 Steps – My Journey From Depression To Empowerment

My First Blog -                                           107 Steps: My Journey From Depression To Empowerment

Deborah King - Bee Empowered·Tuesday, November 27, 2018

So... I attended the Speak & Write Conference in Orlando just a few weeks ago
and it inspired me to finally start writing my story. I figured I would talk about
my adventures in Orlando, how I used the Law of Attraction to get me there
and how I ended up on stage with Lisa Nichols from the movie, “The Secret”.
It was after watching one of Lisa’s webinars that I was inspired to attend
the conference this year in Florida, in spite of me initially believing it was
an impossible dream just a few short months previous.

I had lived in Orlando many years ago and that experience had a huge impact on me
and my life.  Now, I felt the desire to return and I couldn't help but feel that, once again,
a major life change was about to come over me.
So I sat down to write about my amazing trip. I sat down to this several times and
yet the words would not come. I developed a case of writers block and the words
would not flow...in fact they would not even start, not even one word.
“OK” I said to myself....”What do I need to write about then?”
The answer came within an hour of me setting the intention.
“Write about where you came from first”.

The following words are what flowed from me.
It turned out to be a list of things I remember doing which showed the journey
I have had over the years, moving from a place of depression to a place
of feeling empowered.

107 Steps - My Journey From Depression To Empowerment
1. I first became aware that I might have it ( Thanks to two ladies at a holistic health
fair who could both sense I had it whilst they carried out their treatments on me)
2. I accepted that I had depression
3. I did a lot of thinking
4. I got really good at “playing the victim”
5. I reached out for help – and didn’t get it
6. I started to declutter my home… every drawer, cupboard, room, every possession,
every piece of paper. If I didn’t really need it or love it I threw it out
7. I cried …a LOT (ps…crying is good for you)
8. I watched box sets of greys anatomy for days on end
(That was before tv bingeing was “a thing”)
9. I ate a LOT of chocolate
10. I slept a LOT
11. I felt numb for a long time
12. I faced and experienced rejection, loneliness and abandonment
13. I had some counselling
14. I became aware of patterns in my life
15. I took time off on sick from work
16. I got very comfortable being in my own company
17. I read and re-read some books that inspired me and changed me on a deep level
(The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, Conversations with God by
Neal Donald Walsch to name a couple)
18. I got ok about not always feeling ok
19. I learned that it was ok to get angry
20. I got really angry
21. I wrote a lot of things down that were in my head and my heart and then
I burned those pages
22. I burned a LOT of stuff 😊
23. I got rid of a lot of “things” that were connected to my past
24. I got therapy to get rid of old stagnant emotions and energy that was
trapped way down deep inside me, on a subconscious level
25. I faced my financial worries head on
26. I watched inspirational speakers and speeches on personal development,
growth, mindset and spirituality.
27. I had colonic hydrotherapy…and literally got rid of a lot of sh*t that
had been building up inside me 😉
28. I went on a mission to find myself and discover who I really was
29. I did a lot of soul searching
30. I went for Reiki healing and also did self-treatments on myself
31. I believed in Angels
32. I watched the movie, “The Secret”, a LOT
33. I listened to a LOT of Abraham Hicks
34. I learned that emotions are neither good nor bad….that they are
simply energy in motion and that they were trying to tell me something.
35. I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis
36. I had a huge wake up call when I realised that it is ME …who creates my life
37. I explored and uncovered many limiting beliefs and decided to let them go
38. I took full responsibility for my life
39. I gave myself permission to “feel”
40. I embraced my emotions and learned to use them as my guidance system
41. I did more of what felt good and stopped doing things that didn’t
42. I faced my fears
43. I stood up to my bullies
44. I found my voice
45. I stood up and spoke up
46. I stopped hiding
47. I accepted myself
48. I got comfortable with being uncomfortable
49. I started to get to know my true authentic self
50. I dared to believe that my life could be so much better
51. I let go of negative people who were not helping me to move forward…
the ones who liked me better when I was depressed and wanted me to stay that way
52. I learned how important it was to understand energy…mine and other peoples
53. I started putting ME first…a LOT
54. I started saying NO a lot more
55. I found courage within when I thought I had none left
56. I meditated
57. I prayed
58. I surrounded myself with positive people who supported me and encouraged me.
(even if it was just one person – I was lucky to have one person and sometimes
the only person was me)
59. I left my job…I Left several jobs
60. I moved house
(more than once)
61. I got very honest with myself
62. I got very honest with others
63. I had difficult conversations with people that I didn’t want to
have conversations with
64. I forgave people that I thought I could never forgive
65. I asked others to forgive me
66. I forgave myself
67. I spoke my truth and set myself free
68. I decided that I was never going back to such a dark place again
69. I upped my standards
70. I expected more from life
71. I stopped caring about what other people thought of me
72. I started caring more about what I thought of me
73. I started to believe in myself
74. I held on to the words of that friend who believed in me when I
had lost all belief in myself
75. I resurrected my dreams
76. I reached out and asked for help…and this time…I got it
77. I began to follow my dreams with passion and purpose, one small step at a time
78. I stopped trying to control people and circumstances … and instead,
I took control over HOW I reacted to people and circumstances.
79. I found my voice AGAIN
80. I started to love myself more and more
81. I held on to the belief that I create my own reality and therefore, if I didn’t like
the reality I lived in, I was able to create a different, better and happier one
82. I became more and more aware every time I was “Playing the Victim”
and stopped playing that game
83. I stopped blaming other people for how my life was and took back my power
84. I kept going, even though there were times I did give up along the way
85. I began to accept myself more and more
86. I learned to accept others
87. I began to discover what it really meant to “love myself”and started doing more
of that (ps…this is a process)
88. I realised that sometimes my feelings…were NOT…”MY” feelings
89. I grounded and shielded my energy every day
90. I realise the importance of mindset
91. I spoke more positively to myself and to others
92. I set intentions
93. I set boundaries
94. I created vision boards for different areas of my life
95. I learned what being grateful really meant
96. I embraced the Power of Intention
97. I studied and applied the Law of Attraction principles in my life
98. I saw first hand, the connection between the body, mind and spirit and how I
needed to address all of these aspects in order to heal fully
99. I got in touch with my higher self
100. I got in touch with my intuition
101. I stopped giving my power away to others
102. I got stronger mentally
(ps…this is an ongoing process)
103. I learned to Let Go …and “go with the flow”
104. I trusted the universe was a friendly one and that it wanted to help me
105. I searched my soul to discover what truly brings me joy and a gave me
a sense of purpose
106. I spoke to my soul and asked it what I was meant to do with my life
107. It said “teach all that you know to others” and so I wrote this - my first blog

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