Tips to Harness The Law of Attraction – Shield Your Energy

Shield Your Energy

We live in an energetic universe.  Everything is energy…our bodies, our homes, our furniture, plants, animals…everything…we are all made up of atoms, vibrating at different levels.

Energy is like the air we breathe.  When we interact with others and our environments, all the energies mix together.   If you are a very sensitive person you may pick up on the feelings and emotions of others.  That may be fine when they are in good form but not so much if they are in a dark, heavy or negative space.

To understand more clearly, think to a time when you either spoke to someone on the phone or met someone in person and then walked away from the call / meeting feeling low, tired or grumpy etc.  This can be because you have taken on / absorbed some of their energy.

When you are living form a place of high energy / vibration a lot of these energies will have no effect on you.  In the meantime thought, you may need to learn to shield yourself so that you don’t feel drained or down just because someone else around you is.
Ways of doing this include visualising yourself in a bubble of light, changing negative conversations around to more positive ones and clearing your energy regularly.

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