Tips To Harness The Law of Attraction – Go To bed Happy


A good night’s sleep is important for our health.

When we sleep our conscious mind goes to sleep too.  However, our
subconscious mind stays awake.  Just consider how we stay alive while
 we sleep…there is another part of us “in charge” 😊

Have you ever noticed that you go to bed worrying about
something and then you waken up that is the first thing
that pops into your head? or perhaps you watch a scary movie
just before bed or watch some harrowing news and then you find
 it difficult to get to sleep because you keep seeing those images
in your mind and thinking and feeling about what you have watched.

Whatever we are thinking and feeling before we go to sleep
… when we waken the next morning, our thoughts and emotions
tend to pick up right where we left off the night before.
If we are feeling neutral about things before bed,
on waking we may feel the same
and that may feel ok. 

I am not really into watching scary movies and I don’t watch News programmes etc
however sometimes I may see a show or hear something that makes me
have a significant emotional reaction.  When this happens I will not go to sleep before watching or listening to something that makes me laugh, or some kind of feel good music or meditation.

In recent years though I started to make a conscious decision regarding what my last thoughts and feelings would be before I go to sleep.  I now pro-actively feel gratitude and / or state positive intentions as to how I wish the following day to play out when I awaken.
An example of this can be something like…”Thank you for the amazing day I am going to have tomorrow whereby all is well, I experience joy and abundance and everything happens in divine and perfect timing.”

Go to bed every night feeling happy and grateful and see how your daily life starts to change.

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