Tip To Harness The Law Of Attraction – Do More Of What Makes You Feel Good

Do More Of What Makes You Feel Good

Do More Of What Makes You Feel Good

The more that we can stay in a happy, positive, clear, high vibration the easier we can attract the people, places and things we want, into our lives. As children we seem to have no problem feeling joy, having fun and doing what we love. As we grow older, get jobs, start paying bills, have children, have to care for a house and a thousand and one other things, we often put less emphasis on having fun and more emphasis on being responsible, being adult and being “serious”.

I am not saying that you stop being a responsible adult and doing what you need to do in your daily life. What I am saying is, “Are you experiencing enough JOY in your life”? When is the last time you jumped in a puddle just for the craic, did something silly that made you feel like a child again or laughed so hard you cried?

If you are not experiencing enough fun and joy in your life, maybe it is time to make a change. Do something, ANYthing that makes you smile and laugh out loud. Do more of what makes you feel good 🙂

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