Tips To Harness The Law Of Attraction – Listen To Music

Listen To Music

For a long time I used to believe that changing how I felt was hard and difficult and took forever…if in fact I wondered if it could even be changed at all.

Having experienced depression for many years (although I really didn’t know that I had it) I was often in a place of low mood…or simply no feeling at all. I thought that this was just “NORMAL” …this was simply “LIFE”. Some days you feel good and some days you don’t. Some weeks you feel good and some weeks you don’t……some months you feel good and some months you don’t…I am sure you get the jist 😊

What I learned was that WE get to CHOOSE our life and our state of being. Now, please don’t think I am saying that listening to Whitney Houston (or the artist of your choice) is going to bring you into total recovery from depression or any other kind of physical or mental health challenges…though it might 😉

What I learned, is that we can CHOOSE to change OUR state at any time… we can choose to be happy…we can choose to feel better. It is not always easy but it IS possible to choose better feeling thoughts and states at ANY time.

Depression, guilt, fear, anger, sadness…these are all low vibrational energetic states of being. Joy, love, happiness, excitement…these are all high vibrational energetic states. The higher the vibration you can stay in, the more you will attract positive things, people and experiences into your life

One of the easiest and fastest ways to raise our vibration is to listen to music that is of a high vibration. Something that makes you feel good, happy, energized. Maybe a certain song helps you think of a really fun, happy, exciting time in your life…maybe it just helps you put a smile on your face. Maybe it is the type of song that makes you want to get up and dance 🙂

If you are ever in a low mood or need to shift out of a negative state of being, or simply want to be in an even better mood than you already are…put some of your favourite tunes on and pump up that music.

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