Tips To Harness The Law of Attraction – Only Give Your Energy To Positive Things

Only Give Your Energy To Positive Things

Energy flows to where your Attention Goes.
What this means is, that what you focus on gets bigger. The more you talk and feel about something the more you activate it in your energy field, which in turn harnesses the Law of Attraction to bring more of it to you. So what do you spend your days paying attention to?

Ever got out of bed in the morning and stubbed your toe against something?…and it hurts and you get a bit mad. You keep thinking of your toe as you hobble around getting ready for work and then you get into the car and a driver cuts you up and you get a little angrier. Then , maybe you are in slow traffic and you find yourself cursing everyone and how you are going to be late for work and that the boss is going to hassle you as a result. Then you finally get to work, your boss mentions the time and you almost fly off the handle. Then you sit and seethe all day and take every opportunity to tell everyone how bad a day you have been having and how horrible the boss is and they join in and so the negativity continues. In effect, what happens, is that you allow one small incident in the morning to set the tone for your entire day.

Very often we focus too much on the negative. We feed into it by talking about it, feeling strongly about it, telling everyone else and about it and generally feeding it energy all through the day. and as a result we continue to attract more negativity into our day.

Stubbing your toe is sore, yes, however it is not the end of the world. It happened, get over it and decide that you are going to leave the house in good form and look forward to the day ahead. Decide to give your energy and focus to that which is positive, or simply stop focusing on the negative.

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