Tips To Harness The Law Of Attraction – Cultivate True Friendships

Cultivate True Friendships

I am very blessed to have a few real, true friends in my life. These are friends I can truly trust and rely on and who I know have my best intentions at heart. We can be honest and open with each other and always have each others backs.

Are we perfect? Absolutely not. Sometimes we have a “bad” day, sometimes we don’t show ourselves in our best light and sometimes the best way to love each other is to choose to give each other space when needed.

Several years ago I went through a period of time when I felt very much “alone”. I had certain friends in my life, but as I have learned over my lifetime, not all friends will stand the test of time and over the years we had parted ways. I feel lucky because I have met people over the years who have confided in me that they didn’t have one true friend that they could truly trust. I specifically set an intention at one point to attract more like-minded friends into my life and that is exactly what happened.

Having great friends can bring you through many a challenging time. They encourage, support and uplift you, they let you lean on them when you need it and listen to you, they provide an outlet for having fun, laughter and experiencing true, joyful life experiences. Just remember, that In order to attract great friends, YOU also need to be a good friend. 

True friends are a source of true joy and love. Spending time in this energy keeps you in a high vibration whereby you can more easily harness the Law of Attraction to draw more joy and love into your life. Take time out today to acknowledge the great friends you have and tell them so.

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