Tips To Harness The Law Of Attraction – Set Daily Intentions

Set Daily Intentions

We are all familiar with writing “To Do” Lists in work or around the home. It is a very practical and simple thing to do to ensure we focus on things we want to accomplish. As we complete each task it can be very satisfying to tick each one off the list and feel a great sense of achievement.
So what about your goals in life, no matter how big or small? Do you give these as much attention? Are they on your “to do” list and are you giving them focus and attention every day?

I never used to, to be honest and that was because of a mixture of things including the fact that I used to feel that I was not in control of my life and that life just “happened”. Until I heard the concept that we can create our own reality and began to understand the various tools and techniques available to me that could help me do just that.

One simple way to keep your focus on your goals and to attract the things you want, into your life, is to set daily intentions. If this is a new concept for you, just practice it and have some fun with it. For example, it is my intention to attract the perfect parking space, right next to the store entrance…or…It is my intention to have fun today etc…then look out for the evidence that these things happen 😊 This will help you to believe in the power of your intentions

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